In heart of Salento

Immersed in the natural spectacle and without time of the colors that distinguish our land.

Unforgettable Suites

Deluxe room Angeli

Angeli is the deluxe with a fairytale atmosphere which, with its designer details, refers to the myths and legends of one of the most renowned places in the lower Salento: Gallipoli.

Traditions to live

the origins 

Ours is a story that begins in 1923. A story that evolves over time. Starting from an ancient family oil mill to become a house where we can transmit our traditions and our values ​​through the most beautiful of the tools for disseminating culture: hospitality.

the meaning

Our suites take their name from the family estates which for decades have boasted the presence of luxuriant centuries-old olive trees.

Comic's Collection

Pierluigi Rosafio, Owner of the Coclee Suites Palace, is one of the major Italian and international collectors of Comic exhibits of the highest collectible value.
Watch the TG1 report aired in January 2023 on the occasion of an exhibition organized at the Coclee Suite Palace in Salve.